The disruption of attribution arrives


Attribution, hold your metaphorical hat.

For years, the art of determining what marketing effort led to a sale was done inside a black box that could hold as much magic as science.

Marketers have had the unenviable task of discovering, for example, what influenced all these people to buy these blue sneakers online and in their physical stores for two weeks in May in Boston.

There were two main approaches. The venerable marketing mix (or MMM) approach is top-down, with a focus on overall budget spending versus sales which also includes important factors like weather. Born before the advent of the World Wide Web, it is largely web-based and has long time horizons.

The other is the numerical allocation, based on all these traceable seo tool station like clicks. Early attribution schemes like first or last contact – where credit for a sale goes to the first or last point of contact – have largely given way to the multichannel marketing era towards attribution multitouch (MTA).

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