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4D Interactive Ads of ironSource offer customization (and data) through interactivity

A new mobile format for ironSource, a monetization and mobile marketing technology company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, features a playable customization of "choose your own adventure".

Nicknamed 4D Interactive Ads, as if to break the fourth wall, the units invite users to make selections from various scenarios, and ads evolve according to those choices. For example, an advertisement of a shoe retailer begins by asking users to choose their shoe style, elegant or casual. From there, the ad is adapted to display shoe styles and products based on the following selections made by the user.

4D uses video as the basis and layer on interactivity to add customization to commercials. The company says that (anonymized) data generated by user choices "can be used to inform marketing and even product optimization."

"Previously, networks could only transmit data on completions and clicks, which does not say much about the user or what he likes." With 4D ads, advertisers can ask specific questions about their users and learn more about them, do they prefer to listen to music on the train or at the gym, are they more interested in make-up or clothes, answers to questions like they have tremendous value for advertisers, "said Dan Greenberg, head of design at ironSource, in a statement." Understanding consumers is a difficult task. 4D commercials make it much easier, giving brands the opportunity to take advantage of mobile intimate support for what it was supposed to do, demolish this fourth wall. "

The new ad format is part of a wave of interactive formats designed specifically to involve mobile users. For its part, ironSource's internal unit, Playworks Studio, has developed a series of interactive ads that include legible ads, interactive end-cards, and augmented reality ads.

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[This article originally appeared on MarTech Today.]

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