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The Economics of Movement: How Appcoins Will Change Traditional Industries

Our London Correspondent Nick Ayton, the Sage of Shoreditch, Explores a New Serum of Truth often forgotten, called the Token App. Also known as a utility token, it will change more lives than any other form of token.

There is often so much time and attention devoted to security tokens that deliver specific things. for investors, founders and users in different ways. Security tokens also provide an entry / exit ramp in and out of the crypto world. However, we often forget that the real transforming star is actually the Token App (Utility) and not the Security Token.

The Token App delivers with its close ally – the Decentralized Registry – a real secret sauce that unlocks not only an industry, but delivers something truly special that crosses and exposes what is wrong in this world, starting with the things we use and consume

they try to convince you that they are not recreating a biased centralization or consensus that benefits a closed audience .

The result is DLTs that try to convince you that the solution is for everyone to benefit while the rules are created. by the little.

We do not want to be misled, deceived and deceived

Take any review site, be it food like Yelp or Foursquare, TripAdvisor or the site the place or place where you spend your hard earned money. The restaurant, the show, the hotel, the means of transport, when you read the reviews, what do they say? Are there more good reviews than bad ones, or are there no bad reviews and only a few recent ones?

Do you find that when you visit the place, eat, experience the product and services? shockingly bad, of poor quality and does not look anything like "criticism"?

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We all have a voice and we want to have our say, is not it? We want the things we write to be read by other unsuspecting customers, of course, provided our comments are sincere and we do not just have put the boot in . But how to level the playing field, create a system of trust and a mechanism of equity? Blockchain is how: an open and unchanging registry offering a consensus that can confirm a real comment, the real article, a fair process for people to leave their comments, pushed by the Token App.

Can You Believe in a

Are We Really naive to believe that people do not falsify critics, remove bad ones, and ask other people to do wrong? write a good review? Well, it seems like a lot of people are caught and reputations are built around untruths and false criticisms. Rather than learn from the comments, business owners and marketing departments are tempted to " tinker ". and & # 39; sabotage & # 39; to create a new version of the apparent truth.

It's easy when there's no one around to check or validate, where records are centralized, accessible by those who have a lot to gain, and lose when the truth is revealed. It's tempting because we live in a world of false news and criticism, dominated by an unpolluted Internet that is guilty of pumping out products and services that are either faulty, poor value for money or obscure their misselling.

a centralization of the control problem, where the website, or the review site is owned and controlled by those with a direct interest.

It's time for the truth … especially when it comes to my stomach …

I'm a demanding client and complaining and guessing that I'm not alone. I am really upset when the owner of a business, the person behind the offer is trying to fool me. When it came to food, I owned a restaurant where you lived by local reputation and word of mouth alone. It was before the days of the Internet, before the days of LIKES and now infamous magazine. The ultimate judge was people who tasted food and lived locally, not on the towers or people who have never visited and who simply want to put the boot in it.

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But there is a real hope and the answer is the decentralization of the complete revision process.

Enter a new application token, which you can earn when you download a food review application with the assurance that your comments will be validated and delivered intact and tamper-proof. Such a sign could eliminate the bias of food journals that must be good for the industry and for food lovers everywhere.

In this way, a Blockchain solution could change the face of the restaurant industry and close the door. once and for all on cheats and counterfeiters, and critics that have just been removed.

But it's better. You must take part in the community, and peer reviews using machine learning who select in the community, which guarantee the fair play and integrity of the community. ;ecosystem. Here's how an application token should work: you have to earn it, do something and make a contribution. Earning tokens provides the community, the strength of the number, and the supportive infrastructure to create a movement, a change that anchors new behaviors.

The restaurateur, owner and talented chef have everything to gain from their good food, great service and determination to help change the face of the food industry.

Now, who does not want to be a food critic, as most of us have an opinion, love and dislike? Your dreams have been answered, you now have a platform to remove it from your chest.

Revolutionary Change

We are witnessing a veritable revolution led by App Tokens, because they reward behavioral changes and commitment to encourage doing the right thing. "Tokens buy" buy application tokens, "Investors" buy security tokens.

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Munchee, for food critics, is one of the first of a new generation of application tokens that are structurally challenging and that alter a variety of industries, for the benefit of all.

With other Tokens App supporting the movement economy led by Sweatcoin, the application that puts you in shape and rewards you for the move; Living Carbon's zero carbon lifestyle allows you to reduce your carbon footprint, sharing economy led by MotionWerk, "Share and Charge" part of Innogy RWE in Germany, and humanitarian aid.

There are other new application tokens on their way to climate, for sustainability, to address some of the biggest challenges in the world and in a real sense they have a impact and it is important that we win and support them.