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The electric scooter and bicycle parking arrived

Zagster, the bike-share company behind the Pace brand, launches what she calls Pace Parking. The idea is for this to serve as a parking platform for bicycles, electric bicycles and electric scooters. Pace is the first to launch them in Chicago, Austin and Bloomington, India, with plans to launch in other cities this year.

This parking platform is designed to support lockable vehicles without a dock, such as JUMP bikes and Skip scooters. In partnership with cities, private landowners and local businesses, the idea is to ensure that communities have adequate parking facilities.

"With the meteoric rise of unattached bikes, electric bikes and scooters in the United States, our cities are radically transforming the way people move – as important as it is. personal automobile in the twentieth century ". CEO Tim Ericson said in a statement. "Imagine a city with tens of thousands of cars and nowhere to park – that's the big challenge facing all major US cities right now.With no parking infrastructure for mobility, cities do not have to. There is no solution to secure the influx of new vehicles coming down their streets and sidewalks, and we are the first company to do something about it.As a pioneer in sharing bikes without anchoring, we We are proud to offer the world's first universal, secure and intelligent parking platform for parking not only Pace bikes, but also other shared bikes, personal bikes, electric scooters and mobility vehicles. "

Earlier this year, Zagster raised a $ 15 million round led by Edison Capital Partners. The startup has also unveiled its new bike parking system for both shared and personal bikes.

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"Bicycles have always been blocked," Zagischer CEO Tim Ericson said in a press release. "The cities have been willing to experiment with dockless bikes that do not lock to anything because they lack bike parking and, until Pace, lacks a ready partner to install this infrastructure for free. "

Zagster's Pace is one of the newcomers to the bike sharing space, which consists of a number of startups and large corporations fighting for contracts with cities around the world. whole.

Pace, which was launched in December, is currently operating in Tallahassee, Florida and Knoxville, Tennessee. With funding, Zagster plans to launch Pace in other cities this year. Zagster also operates a bike sharing solution for municipalities looking to offer their own city-specific services. Zagster, which was launched in 2007, operates more than 200 velocipedes in 35 states of the United States. This decision to support multimodal transport options probably signals the arrival of another electric scooter service.