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The F8 developer conference is over: Here's all that Facebook has announced

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Facebook hosted its annual F8 developer conference this week, with Mark Zuckerberg on stage on the first day. The CEO has rewritten how important privacy issues are for the company, before making a joke about having to appear before Congress and announcing a number of new releases for multiple platforms. Facebook.

The second day began with Mike Schroepfer, technical director of Facebook, who deepened all the ways in which Facebook uses AI. He also announced the latest launch of Facebook's Pytorch 1.0 framework and updates from ONNX, an open platform for AI that is a collaboration between Facebook and a number of other companies. such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, IBM and Intel.

Here is the complete list of announcements made by Facebook during the two-day conference:

Clear History

Facebook will deploy a clear history tool that will allow users to clear their browsing history on the platform. Zuckerberg has called the kind of control that his company believes users should have, but only after noting that this could diminish a user's Facebook experience.

Feast of a watch

Watch Party is a video tool that allows multiple users to watch the same video simultaneously while being able to comment. Only a small group of beta users has access to the tool right now, but Facebook plans to expand Watch Party availability in the future.

Groups Tab and Join Group Button

Facebook launches a new Groups tab to make the groups "more central" to the Facebook experience and will deploy a "Join a Group" button that developers can include on websites, in emails and other places in outside of Facebook.

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Dating service

Users will soon be able to opt for a dating profile that will connect them to non-friends who have also chosen to be on the dating platform hosted by Facebook. Matches will be established based on the similarities in the user profiles.

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Instagram will benefit from an updated design, with the Explorer section organized around content channels. The app is also creating a video chat for one-to-one and group chats, as well as AR camera effects.


Messenger will also benefit from an updated design to be "cleaner and faster", with AR camera effects and "M suggestions" – a translation tool that helps market buyers and sellers to communicate between languages. Facebook will also launch AR brand experiences for advertisers, who are currently in closed beta with a small number of brands including Kia, Nike and Sephora.


WhatsApp, the Facebook messaging platform, will get AR camera effects and a group video call feature. Mark Zuckerberg also took the time to thank WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koum, who announced that he was leaving the company on April 30. Zuckerberg is said to be deeply grateful for Koum's work.

Facebook analysis

Facebook Analytics is a mobile application that will provide companies with anonymously aggregated "Journey" analytics that provide insight into omni-channel data and reports. The features will include auto-detected funnels to identify paths to conversions, audience information, and conversion funnel statistics.

In-app purchases arrive in Instant Games

On the first day of the conference, Facebook announced that in-app purchases (IAP) are now available on its Instant Games platform for Android and The submission process officially opens on May 7, but developers can access open documentation on the IAP implementation process before sending it.

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Comments from the developer's application are now open

After stopping app reviews as a result of the Cambridge Analytica crisis, Facebook reopened application reviews for Instant Games and Messenger apps on April 18th. At the beginning of the conference, Mark Zuckerberg reopened reviews for all apps. updates to the application review process.

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Facebook login updates

New Facebook login policy updates for apps have been announced to continue Facebook's attempts to protect users' privacy. The updates included more restrictions on the accessibility of user data, the management of token expiration, a personal data deletion reminder URL, and clarifications. business integration.

Integrations of Facebook Workplaces

Facebook has announced several new third-party integrations for Workplaces, the Facebook work management platform, including HubSpot, Marketo, Adobe, ADP, PayChex, and Survey Monkey.

New updates from AR Studio

Facebook has launched a new version of its AR Studio, a tool used to create augmented reality experiences on the platform. The latest version integrates the Sketchfab AR template library.

Facebook company SDK

Facebook announced that it was replacing its Facebook Ads SDK (Software Development Kit) with the new Business SDK, a "one-stop shop" where developers can access a number of Facebook APIs, including including API Business Manager, Marketing API, API Pages and Instagram API.

Oculus to go

Facebook announced the shipment of its Oculus Go VR headset on the first day of the conference. The headset comes with more than 1,000 apps already installed and is priced at $ 199, but F8 attendees received a free Oculus Go.

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Community Challenge Circles 2018

Facebook launched its 2018 Community Challenge hackathon for its circle developer communities on the second day of the conference. Charged with creating a solution that uses at least one of Facebook's development products, participants compete to win prizes of $ 30,000.

This year marked Facebook's 11th F8 conference, an event centered on its developer base that was hosted for the first time in 2007 in San Francisco. The 2018 F8 event included more than 50 sessions and attracted more than 5,000 developers.

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Since the Cambridge Analytica crisis, the Facebook application developer community has had a difficult month as the company has had to revisit its application policies. In addition to completely shutting down the application review process, Facebook has significantly limited the amount of user data available to application developers and has deployed a tool that allows users to delete applications en masse.

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