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The Future of Television Advertising in the Digital World of Today

If you followed the chatter of the industry on the state of the television landscape, you heard more than once the era of television advertising is over. New York University's New Media professor, Clay Shirky, called television "dead" at Politico in 2014, and he's not the only one. But, while many experts have proclaimed the possible disappearance of the medium, something else has happened: television has evolved. He advanced.

As was the case when Marshall McLuhan spoke about it more than 50 years ago, the media is the message: television continues to play a central role in the consumption of news and entertainment, which the content comes from a traditional network or via a streaming service.

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Chuck Moran is responsible for leading RhythmOne's creative products team to find unique opportunities in a dynamic digital marketplace. With more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing, Chuck has developed a broad understanding of connected consumer and how brands can engage them through creative technology-driven solutions and programmatic buying.