The Google Assistant multi-step routines are now available in the United States.

Google Assistant is about to start doing more without talking as much about you. The long-awaited multi-step routines are starting to be rolled out today in the United States, as first discovered the Android font.

In the case of "Good Morning", which seems to be the first of the multi-step routines to put online, you can ask Assistant to do things like turn on your lights, talk to you about your schedule or the weather and traffic, then pop on some songs or a podcast with a single command.

Google will start with six specific routines according to the company's support page on the subject, with "Hello", "Bedtime", "Go Home", "I'm at home", " Commuting to work "and" Commuting home "being the phrases you will have to stylize. It looks like the rest of these orders will be available in the next few days. It is very strange that some options are only available for certain sentences; you would imagine that they would build the pipeline in a more customizable way.

These routines will also change depending on who is speaking to Google Home, so if you have loaded your profile, you will receive calendar alerts specific to your account.

I've been pretty excited about this – home assistants are at their worst when you get home and have to click two or three different commands to get your stuff turned on. Reliable command sequencing would be great, but having some generic catch-all is a good starting point to support a large number of use cases.

Alexa has already had this feature for a few months, and their application is a little more fleshed out in this regard. Still waiting for this feature for HomePod though.

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