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The History of Data, Part 2: Where are we now?

Now that we've learned a bit of history about how we arrived at our current state – in the first part of our data history – evaluate where we are exactly. And it's in an era of personalization that started with Amazon's recommendations and has developed into an elaborate travel mapping that can predict where, when and how you could interact with a message or a prompt.

Big Data gave way to Deep Data

Once companies realized that the data they collected for their own entities could add value to other companies, we saw an increase in data merchandising. We went beyond Big Data as a concept and in an era of "Deep Data". (I naively thought that I had found this term until Google told me.)

Abhi Yadav, founder and CEO of the ZyloTech customer data platform, simply expresses it:

"We were drunk on Big Data," Yadav said. "Companies were tracking, quantifying and labeling everything with the implicit assumption that one day we would be able to use all that data." It was not like that. "

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