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The importance of relations between influencers and brands

Brands that neglect the human element of marketing influence miss the point. This is not a simple product placement. It's true relationships.

Small Business Trends had the opportunity to speak with Joe Gagliese of Viral Nation at the recent Influencer Marketing Days conference at Times Square in New York. Viral Nation is an influential talent agency and marketing company that helps brands connect with the right influencers for their needs and builds relationships that translate into effective marketing campaigns.

Relations between influencers and brands are essential

These relationships are a big part of the influence marketing equation that many brands neglect. An effective marketing influence campaign will give unique and compelling content because the influencer believes in the message and brings his own set of skills and ideas to the table. The result is more than a one-dimensional product placement in an Instagram photo or a YouTube video. For this reason, Gagliese says that it's important for brands to carefully choose the best influencers for their specific needs and then customize the campaigns around these individuals.

"It's human marketing, it's not digital marketing," he says. "So it's important to understand how they work, to understand how they are as a whole. as people, to understand how they should work, and then create campaigns around them to fit what the brand really wants to get out of it. "

The good news for brands is that they do not lack influencers. Whether you work with an agency or go out looking for yourself, do not settle for it. Find influencers with whom you can create real relationships so that the resulting content and campaigns are authentic and get real results for your brand.

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"There are a million influencers out there [about finding] those who go to work and those who are the easiest to work," said Gagliese.