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The International Olympic Committee is interested in electronic sports

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There is always a doubt that electronic sports are becoming more and more popular, just look at the biggest sporting event in the world: the Olympic Games.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the World Association of International Sports Federations (AGFIS) have announced that they will organize a forum on electronic sports, seeking to know whether or not esports have a place at the Olympic Games.

According to the release, the IOC and AGFIS will host esports players, game publishers, teams, media, sponsors and event organizers, as well as committees. Olympic Nationals, International Sports Federations, athletes and the IOC. The group as a whole seeks to "explore synergies, build a common understanding, and build a platform for future engagement between the esports and gaming industries and the Olympic Movement."

In the statement, the president of AGFIS, Patrick Baumann, said:

With the IOC, AGFIS looks forward to welcoming the community of esports and games to Lausanne. We understand that sport never stops and the phenomenal growth of esports and games is part of its ongoing evolution. The Esports Forum provides an important and extremely valuable opportunity for us to better understand the spells, their impact and their likely future development, so that we can examine together how we can work together for the mutual benefit of all sport in sport. years to come.

Some of the forum panels include an interview on "The Key to Twitch's Success," "Future Opportunities for Collaboration," an interview on "A Day in the Life of an Elite Player" and a panel on " Gender equality. in all sports. "

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Electronic sports continued to grow at an impressive pace. The Overwatch League has introduced city-based teams into the mix, while Fortnite has had a huge Pro-Am tournament at e3, not to mention the introduction by Epic of a 100 million tournament prize pool dollars for competitive gaming.

Considering how odd some of the Olympic sports are – I'm watching you, Biathlon – the potential introduction of esports to the Olympic slate seems almost ordinary.