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The Jolt is a $ 500 electric bike for the masses

E-bikes vary in price but the best ones come just north of $ 1,000. Now, however, you can own a foldable electric bike with a range of 50 miles for under $ 500.

The Jolt ebike, created by a guy named John Madden, now sells for $ 499. That's a quarter of the final price and a bargain on an ebike.

The bike is about the same size as your standard aluminum folding bike, but it includes a big LG battery built into the frame. You can use the bike in pedal assist mode for a distance of 50 miles and it has a range of 30 miles if you do not want to pedal at all.

The bike comes fully assembled and includes everything you need to go to the country, including an LCD reading of speed and range. It can go up to 20 miles per hour.

The crowdfunding campaign has already reached $ 87,000 and the bikes are expected to be shipped next April, just in time for a spring getaway.

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