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The Key to the Success of Influence Marketing Target the Right Audience

So you created an influence marketing campaign. You have found an influencer with tons of followers. You have designed the perfect message. You have gained a lot of impressions. But you have not noticed real results for your brand. So what went wrong? In many cases, the answer is that the brand has not targeted the right audience.

Small Business Trends recently had the opportunity to speak with consultant Shane Barker at Influencer Marketing Days in Times Square, New York. Barker has been part of the influencer marketing space since its inception, helping brands transform these relationships with key individuals in sales and real-world results.

Barker says that a poor understanding of their target audiences and what they want to accomplish is usually what leads to less than stellar results for brands that are trying to make marketing campaigns. 39; influence.

He told Small Business Trends, "People come to me and say, 'I did an influential marketing campaign and it did not work. Well, most of the time, when I dig deeper the question is … they did not have the right influencer or they did not have the right message or they did not have the good content. And it's a huge problem. So, you have to make sure that all these things connect when you leave after the influencers. "

The audience of the influencer is the key

What is the best way to connect all these elements? Always keep your target audience in mind. Barker says that all the analytics and tools brands have access to today should make the process of choosing the right influencers and developing messages that call the followers of these influencers a quite a simple process.

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Essentially, this concept is the same as for any other type of marketing. Whether you're working with influencers, creating ads online, or developing a social media campaign, you need to have a good understanding of your audience if you want your marketing to have a positive impact.

Barker says, "Marketing can be great, but if you go after the bad public, then it will not succeed."