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The latest episode of "Bubbleproof & # 39; presents a partnership with unusual terms

Silicon Valley is a land of ideation and reflection and Qi drinks with tapioca mushroom protein.

In this fourth episode of Bubbleproof an original series of fake documentaries about the influence and ignorance of Silicon Valley, we take a closer look at the evolving relationship between the founding guru Michael Fertik and venture capitalist David Cowan (who co-wrote the series with Fertik and director Martin Sweeney.)

The episode "Gravity is My Co-Pilot" highlights the inaugural meeting of the new team of David and Michael and displays the different plans on which both operate. This occurs during a joint interview between the two showcases at which point everyone sees Cowan's role as a partner in this business.

Discover the episode 4 of Bubbleproof above. If you have not seen those before, check them here.

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