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The latest small business trends magazine gives you the facts about cybersecurity

At present, you know that your small business is facing a real threat of being hacked. Hackers are increasingly targeting small businesses because they think they may be more vulnerable – in general.

But even if hackers were able to penetrate your cyber-defenses, what damage could they really do to your business?

In some cases, the results could be disastrous. For others, the threat is real but the consequences may not be as serious.

That's why we publish the Cyber ​​Security edition of Small Business Trends magazine.

You can get a free download here now!

We have tried to dispel much of the confusion – and, frankly, potential disinformation – to help you determine the risk your business poses to cybercriminals. And then, learn how to react to risk.

In this edition, we cover the risk analysis that your company should perform. What is the level of security of your company against a cyber attack and what is at stake if you are hacked? The answers to these questions will help you determine the level of cybersecurity protection that your small business needs to deploy. How much should your company invest in cybersecurity technology?

For some companies, only a small investment in technology and defense planning may be needed in case of attack. But there are things that every business can and SHOULD do now that cost nothing more than a little time and know-how. Check out the article on password policy best practices – a good place to start your cyber defense strategy!

We also have information on the types of attacks that currently pose the biggest threat to your small business and the others that you might want to monitor. And there is so much more.

Make sure to download today your FREE copy of the Cyber ​​Security edition of Small Business Trends magazine. And receive upcoming issues of the magazine directly when they are published, including our next edition of Business Planning.

Download your FREE version here today!

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