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The launch of Vine 2 can provide new opportunities for marketing your business with video

If you still mourn the passing of Vine, the recent tweets by co-founder Dom Hofmann could make you smile. His tweets indicate that he may be resurrecting the six-second video platform – or a version of it.

On November 30, Hofmann tweeted:

This tweet was followed by two others by Hofmann:

After six days of silence, Hofmann tweeted the following:

If a picture says a thousand words, this logo will probably say more for Vine users. If Vine 2, as the logo indicates, comes true, it should have a very loyal and fanatical user base. And this will undoubtedly include many small businesses and entrepreneurs who have used the platform to extend the reach of their brand creatively in the room – and can do it again.

One year before Vine saw its last day in 2016, 12 million videos were published daily and there were 200 million active users. It's not the billions that Facebook has, but the creators and users were very committed.

Vine was founded by Hofmann, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll in 2012, and four months later it was bought by Twitter for $ 30 million. The six-second videos seemed to be a perfect complement to the 140-character limit on tweets – at the time. But that was not supposed to be.

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Use Vine 2 for your small business, if it comes around

What can you say in six seconds about your business? Apparently, a lot because Ford, Disney, Sephora, Sony, Dunkin Donuts, Airbnb and many others have used to market their brands. And you can do the same for your small business.

If you want to use Vine for your brand, you must have a clear plan. Mark Donington, senior designer at Higher Ground Creative, suggests "starting with a story and planning what you want to say before you start recording."

Your plan should also include the involvement of your clients, focusing on the visual elements and putting in place a strategy.

Image: Twitter / @ dhof