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The Loog Pro allows children to tear their faces and / or shout to the devil

Children who are about to tip over, we salute you. The Loog Pro is a guitar made for kids and has three strings that can be tuned in various open chords for easy play. Loog's original guitar was an acoustic wonder, small enough for a toddler but versatile enough for older players. This new Pro model, which costs $ 199 online, basically cleans the concept and offers very playable and lightweight instruments for kids who want to let off steam.

My kids learned about Loog before moving on to six-string guitars and, like the Populele, the Loog offers easy lessons for beginners. I could also see this as a success in schools, simply because the guitar is very easy to store and transmit to impatient strummers. Each guitar includes a small deck of cards to learn the songs and chords and there are lots of online resources for beginners.

The creator, Rafael Atijas, built the first Loog in 2010 after realizing that children were so dedicated to electronics that they forgot about the musical arts. Now, seven years later, the company is doing well with a full range of guitars for kids (and adults). Look below while I tear a bit of Loog in my pretty studio.