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The market capitalization of Bitcoin crosses $ 300 billion on the anticipation of futures trading

It seems almost too difficult to imagine, but the market capitalization of Bitcoin to it alone has now reached more than 300 billion dollars. The combined market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is fast approaching $ 450 billion

Just two weeks ago, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies exceeded $ 300 billion, Bitcoin holding a strong dominant position on this market. However, since that time, the meteoric rise of Bitcoin has left the rest of the market in the dust, with its own market capitalization almost doubling over the past two weeks.

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The price at over $ 17,000 was the cause of the market The prospect of the introduction of Bitcoin in the futures markets in the United States and abroad has provided a reason for investors institutions to participate meaningfully.

Other investors, like investor Mark Yusko, suggest that the price is only starting to climb. Bitcoin's continued coverage on mainstream media does not does that help, even if the cover is negative.

In the meadow At the time, Bitcoin was trading on GDAX at $ 17,340