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The new Amazon shipping service could benefit third-party sellers

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is considering its own delivery service.


Last year alone, Amazon spent $ 21.7 billion worth of products sold on its site to its customers. Many of these clients have not been charged.

According to several reports, Amazon will deploy Shipping with Amazon in Los Angeles. It's going to be an Amazon-owned shipping service competing against FedEx and UPS, if it's only on that specific market to start.

Delivery with Amazon

The purpose of Shipping with Amazon is to bring the products of a third party seller to the site to their customers. If your small business sells on Amazon, that would be another shipping option for you to choose.

The impetus for the initiative is obviously the money.

Moreover, Amazon is competing to be with its customers from beginning to end, not passing the most important task, accomplishment, to another company.

"Amazon's decision to add delivery services to its business customers is a demonstration of how they work to enable end-to-end customer-centric experiences for everyone" says Scott Webb, president of Avionos. to improve the e-commerce customer experience, in an email to Small Business Trends.

He adds, "We are finding that the online and offline worlds are converging more towards B2B and that a more streamlined digital process is emerging.This will ultimately lead to greater efficiency and customer satisfaction."

Amazon recently announced that it was doing the same – playing an active role in delivering its sales – with grocery products in several cities. The online retailer promises to get orders from customers within 2 hours.

"Amazon is always looking for disruptive segments and B2C expectations are influencing the B2B world, and the expansion of their business delivery service is a perfect example," said Ray Grady, president and chief executive officer. CloudCraze's customer manager, in an email sent to Small Business Trends. "Amazon is making big investments in B2B commerce and, if companies want to compete and maintain their market share, they will also have to offer an option. buy online. "

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