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The New Normal Office: Bringing Fido to Work

In the past, when planning a career, many people wanted to avoid being stuck in a booth for 8 hours or more a day, 5 days a week. Lack of activity, fear of boredom and compliance with hierarchies were something that workers were terrified to have in their lives. This was certainly not the way they wanted to spend their working lives, despite the fact that these jobs, in most cases, provided basic security and financial stability.

Fast forward from a few decades to now … when the technology industry is in full swing. Start-up companies pop up left, right and center, which means that more and more people are diving into technical positions and desktops that at one point were deemed undesirable.

Relaxed Atmospheres

Here's the trap … these are now some of the most desirable jobs and that's because there has been a radical change in the way the modern office is structured, especially when it is the identity of the company. Having pool tables at the office, snacks, team building activities and beers at the end of the week … change occurs in most aspects of the structure of the corporate world 20 years ago.

One might think that some of them are considered distractions, or even give the company a less professional appeal, but that is to do the opposite and create a fantastic culture in them. employees.

One of the great ways we see this in institutions is the ability to bring your furry friend with you to the office.

Take StreetText, as an example.

Changing stereotypes of office

Modern StreetText is a young Canadian company located in Kelowna, British Columbia. The company was built to help real estate agents during their online lead generation process for their personal database. They create opportunities for agents to meet potential customers who do not include park benches or giant posters … but focus on the advancement of lead capture technology, the creation of expert advertising and especially on Facebook.

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Since its inception in 2010, they have built a more modern way of working in the business world, not only with their platform to help realtors generate lead online, but by creating a friendly office for dogs. their employees are happier … and more productive.

Meet Nash.

Nash is a one-year-old German Shepherd who spends his days chewing bones, running after his tail and dozing in the StreetText office. Nash has been coming to the office for a little over a year and made his introduction to the office at the age of 8 weeks.

Now a year old, Nash grew up in this office and adds value to his surroundings.

With an estimated 5.9 million dog owners in Canada, it would be logical for some of the smaller companies to accept dog friendly desks. We're all wasting photos of puppies on Buzzfeed, or cooing at subreddit r / aww quite frequently, which means that having a dog in your workplace should only engender happiness. There has been a cultural shift in the way people want to work and allow pets to work.

Dogs are Proven Stress Reducers

In addition, much research has been conducted in recent years to show how the presence of an animal can minimize or even decrease stress at the workplace, promote the development of the animal. child and offer companionship to the elderly. Dogs have recently been used at airports to help nervous passengers, and even help children who seek therapy for emotional development or the rehabilitation of a traumatic event.

Scientific American recently wrote an article explaining that "pets allow owners to express their personality a little bit more." Scientific American also surveyed 100 different people and asked them what they thought about their pets. They thought of pets. were. This survey revealed that most people thought that an animal in the office relieved stress, allowed their workplace to be more friendly and ultimately provided employees with a positive distraction on a daily basis.

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Not only did this survey contain positive data, but it also concluded that having a naked companion in the office can also foster a more cooperative environment, essential to building a strong dynamic of living. team and healthy business growth. Especially in small businesses that are growing fast, like StreetText.

At a recent meeting with Jordan Scheer, our Account Management Manager, Nash was sleeping at my feet, only raising my ears when someone was passing in the room or was turning to readjust his sleeping position.

"I can bring my best friend to the office with me every day," I say. "He is such a good dog, and it makes me happy that he helps people around us to smile every day." Since Nash grew up in the office, he behaves like he's also going to work, which makes him the perfect office mate and the best man in the door.

Jordan and I laughed at his casual attitude when I told him, "I was thinking of giving him a necklace with a bow tie, so it looks like he's going to work every day. This would make it comically professional, especially since we have a casual dress code in our office. "

(I'm not mistaken – it would certainly be comical to see a casual business dog collar, which people make on Etsy, by the way.)

Jordan agreed, "Having Nash here brings a different atmosphere to the office.It's a lot more relaxed and it really feels like it's reducing stress without really doing much. Why would not you want to spend the day with a dog? "

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We also broke barriers with several distant developers around the world, crafter beer meetings every Friday, and a more modern office that includes a wooden wall providing space for a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It is refreshing that so many companies adopt this type of culture. Instead of having a job that you fear to go everyday, you are greeted by a team of workers who strive to achieve a common goal.

So why not have a little more fun while you do it?