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The new YouTube studio offers more information on your Small Business channel

The new YouTube Studio is finally here.

YouTube Studio does not have any more beta

YouTube Studio offers a new dashboard and three new stats to help you gauge the popularity of your videos uploaded to the site. The tools help you manage your videos and all the other activities on your channels.

These updates were released in beta some time ago. YouTube claims that hundreds of thousands of users have experimented with the beta of the new tools. Now, the company says that all creators of the site should have access to this update in a few weeks.

YouTube Studio Dashboard

The first update you'll probably notice is the new YouTube Studio dashboard. This is the "one stop shop" for your YouTube activity.

Here you'll be able to manage comments on your videos, view stats on your videos uploaded to a 30,000-foot perspective, and receive updates for YouTube creators.

The Studio Dashboard will provide you with performance updates, comparing your most recent video with previous downloads.

"The dashboard will be deployed on all channels over the next two weeks and we will continue to add content based on your feedback.We are committed to making YouTube one of the best places for the creators and we hope these new features will make this possible, "said Assaf Reifer, product manager for YouTube Analytics and Ezequiel Baril, product manager for YouTube Studio on the YouTube Creators blog.

More Features

In addition to the new dashboard, YouTube provides more data for your videos. This information will tell you how often people see snapshots of your videos, watch your videos and more.

The new statistics will show impressions, clickthrough rates, and unique viewers.

Impressions count the number of times your video thumbnails appear on a user's YouTube feed. Watch this YouTube image that shows what is and is not counted in this statistic.

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-488577" src="https://businessdigit.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/1520949058_912_the-new-youtube-studio-offers-more-information-on-your-small-business-channel.png" alt=" YouTube Studio has more beta, offering more visibility on your channel "width =" 850 "height =" 540 "/>

The click-thru rate is quite explicit. This measures the number of times that someone sees one of your thumbnails of videos, then clicks on it or clicks on it to show your creative.

And unique viewers measure the number of people who actually watch your videos. YouTube says it's an estimated figure. It counts if someone is watching your video on a computer or laptop or mobile device, such as a smartphone.

With these new tools, YouTube is trying to help you become a more autonomous creator on the site. The data should give you more information about which videos work and which ones do not reach an audience.

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