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The next generation of geniuses of technology enrolling to study crypto-currencies

In the direction of cryptocurrency management, young people are turning to university courses that offer courses in cryptography and cryptocurrency.

The value of Bitcoin is booming and students identify a new emerging market to which they are trying to prepare with courses accredited by universities.

Very popular

Dan Boneh, co-director of the Stanford Computer Security Lab and professor of cryptography noted that security and cryptography are the second most popular topic in the department. computer science of the university, behind the machine learning.

: "Many people are attracted to the huge valuations in these currencies. Cryptocurrencies are a wonderful way to teach cryptography. There are a bunch of new applications for cryptography that do not exist. did not exist before. "

The increase in popularity has been comparable to the growth of digital currency that makes all the noise, Bitcoin. This has hit the mainstream a lot, and now there is a second wave of those looking to be more than just investors in potentially revolutionary technology.

In 2015, Boneh began teaching a course on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and quickly attracted more than 100 students. Boneh said that more than one million people have enrolled in an online cryptography course that he teaches via the Coursera Web site

Sharing Campuses

Pittsburgh, Vipul Goyal of Carnegie Mellon uses Boneh's interactive system. an online textbook for a class called "Special Topics in Cryptography" that the school is offering for the first time this year

About 20 students, mostly Ph.D. candidates, take a Blockchain course and Cryptocurrencies.

The trend is not limited to these two universities: the University of California at Berkeley launched last year a class called Crypto-Currency Decal, and in 2015 the Massachusetts Institute of Media's Media Lab Technology has created the Digital Currency Initiative.

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Bitcoin, its underlying technology Blockchain, and the underlying theory, Cryptography, is a big deal because there have already been signs of growth in the labor market for associated disciplines

It is therefore understandable that university students want to align with a booming technology that desperately needs growth and that can only benefit from additional human capital.