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The next IA wars

If you accept that business is constantly evolving, learning and changing, you will not be surprised by this forecast. Think about the ultimate speed. Think about the next wave of digital disruption. This makes the mobile, bulky data and the cloud like old news. The competitive landscape of businesses, markets and individuals has become very complex and interesting. Artificial intelligence, AI is the new competitive advantage. Our civilization is moving towards a reality.

We will need to make a call very soon. It's about how the AI ​​wars will unfold. Do we want a future focused on the human, activated by AI but not replaced by AI? This will be a central issue in the debate about AI in work, society and business. We must consider future AI trends that could challenge the future centered on the human

IA is perhaps our biggest competition and our biggest creation.

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We have entered a new era – The wars of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence, and current computer programs that offer diverse Forms of machine learning, natural language processing, neural networks and cognitive computing are rapidly emerging as a competitive force in every industry, nation and market. The only question that matters is: are you ready to In the future, how will you adapt to your business or career as you prepare for war?

Amazon uses Alexa to compete with every other retailer on the planet and Google Home. The AI ​​of Tesla downloads updated geo-intelligence to compete with all other car brands that do not update through the cloud. IBM Watson automates decision analysis that rivals clinics and unactivated hospitals through its cognitive computer. This is only the beginning of the AI ​​wars. Companies that use AI to compete will shape the future of AI.

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There are companies that use AI to diagnose an illness, decipher laws, design clothes, write music, read taxes or determine whether, fraud or threat. AI is everywhere. If you are in view of a video camera, a cell phone, a city, driving or in transit, online or at a stop, unless to be on Mars, you are probably exposed to the AI ​​in real time. You may not know it.

Here is a forecast – any work that a human can do will be increased (increased intelligence resources) and possibly replaced by AI. Companies will use the AI ​​to compete with other companies. Nations will use AI to compete with other nations. Humans augmented by AI will supplant Naturals – humans are not augmented by AI.

We must now prepare for this extreme future possibility. The IA is the ultimate competitor and collaborator of humans. AI is the game changer of the future that arrives sooner than we think. Intelligent Artificial Intelligence is an investment that every organization and nation must make now so that we can shape the future of AI to become human-centered

Now , the challenge is how are we going to restructure organizations, alliances, markets and careers in a world where the AI ​​is partner, facilitator, producer and yes, a competitor? We must rethink our civilization to keep up with the progress of AI. Now, I am not a dystopian. I think we need to be smarter to face these challenges, but they are coming. No refusal necessary. Most of what IA will bring will be productive and positive. Some of the developments will pose challenges, challenges and threats.

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Artificial intelligence will be the most powerful future competitive force influencing every business, every market, every security, every creativity and every profession – from law, medicine, engineering to gambling and entertainment. Having the AI ​​that can provide solutions, faster then, even more profitable then, with higher quality then humans are coming. This is the inevitable end game of digital transformation.

Geopolitical power will be shaped not only by the economy, wealth and power, but by AI. Think machines that think competition means a new world of geopolitical intelligence that can evolve beyond states, law, human knowledge, and understanding. How can we understand what we can not understand? When the AI ​​writes its own rules, operating system and behaviors, we do not understand how we will realize that we have created a potential competitor and not just a collaborator.
The AI ​​wars are coming.

The ultimate digital disturbance happens. I'm not advocating that AI will replace human jobs but rather that it can happen if we do not plan to go forward – let's get ready for the future, redraw our world to anticipate this future. Companies are and are still competing with AI today. Predictive analytics and large data driven by AI is a competitive differentiator. Make sure you are in this game – shape this future.

Even though AI outperforms humans in an autonomous world of intelligent technology that is faster than humans, we should be sticking to a human-centered future. We should be ready for this future because we are creating it now. I remain positive and I suggest that humanity makes the best use of the future to meet the great challenges facing our world: hunger, security, water, disease, poverty and poverty. durability. We could use help and I advocate that AI be directed to allow humans to repair the planet. Makes sense to this futuristic.

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