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The Parrot Bebop 2 Power lets you go boldly where no drone has gone before

Parrot, the original domestic drone company, recently released the Bebop 2 Power, an improved version of the Bebop 2 with a better camera, better controls, and more battery life. This fierce thief can dive up to sixty minutes with the batteries included and a first-person view is available using the Parrot VR glasses and a cell phone.

I was pretty satisfied with the performance of the drone and I was particularly seduced by the included Skycontroller 2, a portable controller that lets you hold your phone while fiddling with the drone's joysticks. In fact, I preferred to control the drone with the controller rather than with the phone, a first for me when it comes to more professional models.

The Bebop 2 Power costs $ 599 and for that you get the FPV glasses, the controller and two batteries. The drone has two modes – sports and camera – that slow things down or speed things up according to how fast you want to fly.

I was pleasantly surprised by this thing and I found that it was one of the best drones I've driven for a while. It is worth checking.