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The Power of Marketing Influence in Electronic Commerce

If you have an ecommerce business, you may want to consider using marketing influence to increase brand awareness and advocacy. In fact, experts believe that marketing influence is the next big trend in the e-commerce marketing space.

Small Business Trends recently caught up with Katie Manley, Rhiona Sullivan and Courtney Sneed of Pepperjam at Influencing Marketing Days in New York's Times Square. Pepperjam is a performance marketing agency that provides resources and services for influencers and affiliates and the brands that work with them.

During the conversation, the team shared some thoughts on influence marketing and how it relates specifically to e-commerce businesses.

The Importance of Influence Marketing in E-Commerce

Currently, influencers primarily influence the buying process from the start, usually during the discovery phase or brand awareness cycle sales. But even if influencers may not be closing sales, raising awareness and creating brand advocates may be an important part of the marketing process for e-commerce companies.

Manley said marketing influence: "It's important because it's a huge piece of your e-commerce.This is a very good way to develop the business. branding and brand defense. "

Since this is part of the start of the buying cycle, measuring the results of the influence campaigns for e – commerce has been more difficult than other strategies like marketing. Affiliate.

But all this could soon change. The Pepperjam team is working on a new technology offering that could allow influencers and brands to more easily measure results, even by working with influencers who have more impact early in the process. purchase. While measuring the impact of affiliates has always been much easier, Pepperjam believes that the new concept of marketing influence should have a major impact on e-commerce companies in the future.

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Manley said, "This is going to be the perfect point for e-commerce."

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