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The Pre-SegWit2x Summit of Bitcoin Price has Already Reached the Limit of the Correction

Tone Vays, Bitcoin Price Analyst, Called the "Top" of the Last Bitcoin Bull of $ 7500

monthly charts, Vays, which correctly predicted Bitcoin's skyrocketing cycle for a month, said it would be "very difficult" to support continued growth.

"I think we have exceeded" on the performance of the last five weeks.

Noting significant growth over the past week, Vays has concluded that although # 39, it imitated a similar surge in May, it was highly unlikely that this dynamic is maintained.

"The monthly claims a peak, the weekly still calls for four weeks of increase," he said, citing the SegWit2x rigid fork as the main obstacle to progress.


Prices reached historic highs to return to $ 7,200, with a "revaluation" later in the week, not necessarily signifying further hikes or new highs.

Rival Bitcoin In the meantime, liquidity continues to grow from $ 600 to over 3.5% in 24 hours to reach the allotted time.

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