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The price of bitcoin reaches a historic peak while the market capitalization of Crypto rises to 180 billion dollars

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The Bitcoin price hit a new historical record Sunday night, leading the # 39, an almost universal progression among the best 100 cryptocurrencies. The price of the Ethereum slid to $ 310 to join the rally, while the bitcoin money and ripple flew to the bronze in the market capitalization rankings.

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<p class= Source: CoinMarketCap

In total, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrency added nearly $ 9 billion. On Sunday morning, the ceiling of the crypto market was $ 170.9 billion. This number has grown throughout the day, eventually reaching the $ 180 billion barrier for a brief period. At present, the crypto market capitalization is $ 179.5 billion.

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<p class= Source: CoinMarketCap

The price of bitcoins reaches a record level

Over the weekend, CCN reported that Vietnam had banned the use of Bitcoin and other digital currencies as payment instruments. As if by challenge, the price of bitcoin responded by climbing to a new world record average of $ 6,255, although it peaked at $ 6,345 on Bitfinex. At present, the bitcoin price is $ 6,169, giving bitcoin a market capitalization of $ 102.7 billion and represents a 6% increase over 24 hours.

 bitcoin price "width =" 1062 "height =" 491 "/> 

<p class= Bitcoin Chart of Prices Source: CoinMarketCap

It is quite surprising to see that the bitcoin price continues to record record gains two weeks away from the planned date for activation of SegWit2x – a difficult range that can lead to a blockchain split and of community – but this move may be an indication that traders are less worried than analysts of the range results.

The price of Ethereum slips to $ 310

The price of the Ethereum has risen from 3% to $ 309 and a market capitalization of $ 29.5 billion. Ethereum has been unable to free itself from the orbit of the $ 300 threshold since the activation of Byzantium, so time will tell if it is able to overcome this obstacle in November.

 ethereum price "width =" 1065 "height =" 490 "/> 

<p class= Price Ethereum Chart Source: CoinMarketCap

Altcoins add 2.2 billion dollars

The Bitcoin price rally of today has allowed the flagship cryptocurrency to increase its share of total market capitalization to 57%, but altcoins still managed to add $ 2.2 billion to their market capitalizations.

 bitcoin price "width =" 1063 "height =" 534 "/> 

<p class= Altcoin Price Graph | Source: CoinMarketCap

The price of the ripple rose 1% to allow XRP to recover third place in market capitalization thanks to Bitcoin Cash, who had held this position for a short period over the weekend. Bitcoin, meanwhile, fell 4% to $ 465 after the resumption of its weekend. Nevertheless, bitcoin cash now has a market capitalization of $ 7.8 billion, which puts it at only $ 43 million.

 bitcoin spot price "width =" 1062 "height =" 486 "/> 

<p class= Bitcoin monetary consumption graph | Source: CoinMarketCap

The litecoin price rose 4% to $ 57, raising its market capitalization just above the $ 3 billion level. Dash followed closely with a 3% increase to $ 286, and the NEO rose 6% to seize seventh. NEM and monero increased by 3%, bringing their prices to $ 0.199 and $ 90, respectively. Bitconnect's ninth rank, meanwhile, rose 6.66% to $ 228 – a disturbing gain to post the day before Halloween.

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