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The really great list of small business associations

Business associations provide entrepreneurs with valuable resources ranging from mentoring to industry-specific forms and guides. These associations can range from fairly general associations to help a range of entrepreneurs to those specific to a local industry or community. So, if you are interested in enjoying the benefits offered by business associations, here are a few to consider.

The Large List of Small Business Associations

U.S. Small Business Administration

Technically a government entity, the SBA offers resources ranging from loans to contract guidelines. The local SBA offices also offer community groups that you can contact for even more personalized assistance.


SCORE is also technically an arm of the SBA. But it offers its own distinct advantages, ranging from educational workshops to a mentoring network for businesses across the country.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The United States Chamber of Commerce is a national organization that advocates for business interests in Washington and provides research, special events and other resources to assist businesses of all sizes.


The National Federation of Independent Businesses has a network of more than 300,000 small business owners who provide representation, research and member benefits, such as human resources support.

International Council of Small Enterprises

For those seeking an association focused on the global economy, the International Small Business Council organizes events and webinars and advocates for business while seeking to improve the global economy.

Organization of Contractors

Entrepreneurs & # 39; Organization is an association that organizes events in local communities around the world, offers a mentorship program and accelerator for growing businesses.

National Association of Enterprises

The National Business Association is a non-profit organization that provides strategic support and advocacy specifically designed for small businesses and the self-employed.


The National Small Business Association is an advocacy group specifically for small businesses. The group also hosts events and conducts research.


StartUpNation is an organization that provides business services, including web development, incorporation and consulting. There is also a community aspect and a radio show.

National Association of the Self-Employed

For solopreneurs or freelancers, NASE offers resources for things like taxes, management and marketing.

Toastmasters International

An organization for leaders, Toastmasters provides educational opportunities and events to help business owners and other professionals hone their skills.


Business Network International is a networking organization that gives members access to locals where they can partner with other entrepreneurs, as well as events and other resources for make these connections.

The Conference Board

The Conference Board provides research ideas and publications to companies in certain regions of the world.


InBia, a global network of entrepreneurs, provides members with access to information on business incubators, acceleration programs and other educational opportunities. and growth.

Women's Business Development Center

For women business owners, many local communities offer women's business development centers, affiliated with the SBA, to provide resources and mentorship opportunities.

Minority Chamber of Commerce

In some communities, the Minority Chamber of Commerce provides individual consultation services, assistance with contracting and other resources for minority business owners. .


For experienced business owners, NAVOBA provides assistance to help these entrepreneurs establish links with companies for market opportunities.

Group of Hispanic National Companies

Designed to help Hispanic business owners grow, the National Hispanic Business Group offers events, resources and even a fund for the education of entrepreneurs.


For student entrepreneurs, the National Association for Entrepreneurship in Community Colleges offers a quarterly journal, training opportunities and an exclusive community list server.

The entrepreneurs of the Indus

TiE is a global network of entrepreneurs created in Silicon Valley that promotes entrepreneurship around the world through networking opportunities and mentoring.

International Association of Franchising

The International Franchise Association offers franchisees opportunities, events and access to a network of business owners.

National Association of Restorers

For restaurant owners, the National Restaurant Association is an industry organization that advocates and provides resources specifically for the growth of food service companies.

National Federation of Retail Trade

Another industry association, the NRF, represents retailers from around the United States and from other countries around the world and offers research and ideas.

ANA commercial marketing

For B2B companies and marketers, ANA Business Marketing offers training, development, events and local chapters.

Foundation of the farm

For agricultural businesses, advocacy and analysis of the Farm Foundation to advance the agricultural industry and help businesses grow.

United States Telecom Association

USTelecom is an organization that defends the interests of businesses in the broadband and telecommunications industries.


A social change organization, Ashoka supports socially responsible companies that commit to change in key areas.


The Center for Association Leadership provides representation services, business services and various resources to business owners and organizational leadership.

Local Chambers of Commerce

In addition to the national organization, many local communities also have their own chambers of commerce organizations that provide advice and resources specifically tailored to the market and the problems of the local community.

Have we forgotten small business associations that you would have added to the list? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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