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The retro-classic Azio Bluetooth keyboard inspired by the typewriter is a luxury treat

Maybe you are sitting on a MacBook or another modern PC, typing in a near total silence on a keyboard that brings no satisfactory answer to your human fingers. Perhaps, once in the distant past, you remember when keyboards offered something in return: A "clac clac" that was auditory proof of productivity.

If you miss it and want it, the new Azio Luxury Retro Classic keyboard with Bluetooth is a fantastic option, and relatively affordable compared to the most extravagant keyboards of the typewriter, but with all the same charm, and a mechanical strike action that you'll love if you're a fan of really beating those keys.

The $ 219.99 accessory ($ 189.99 if you do not need wireless connectivity) comes with a lot of top quality keyboards, including replaceable keyboards for Mac and PC , as well as the backlight. finished surfaces in metal, wood and leather. The wireless version works in both wired and Bluetooth configurations, and the 6,000 mAh battery on board can last up to two months between charges.

The keyboard uses USB-C for charging, with an included cable (braided, not less) and it simply works with Mac OS and Windows through the convenient mode switch at the back and the interchangeable plugs mentioned above (no tools required either – simply remove them and push on the replacements.

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In addition to beautiful hardware accents, and Azio mechanical switches, which are indeed rattling and that offer just the right resistance for me, the Retro Classic also features a striking angle setting thanks to screwed feet that can add lift amount if you find that more comfortable as a typist.

Keyboards also have the impression of being built to withstand a lot of typing – or a nuclear apocalypse, whichever comes first. They're heavy, and the more rubberized non-slip pads will keep them firmly anchored to your desk. However, this is not the keyboard that you will want to carry when traveling.

If you want something that is as much an office decoration as a functional tool, and you're a big fan of mechanical keyboards (as I am, savoring every clack of this review on the Azio ), it is an option of choice. Retro keyboards are becoming easier to find, but the Azio model presents the best value for money, versatility and quality of those I've encountered so far.

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