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The Ring Floodlight Cam is an outdoor security slam dunk

A good home security camera is easy to install while providing a surprising peace of mind. The Ring Floodlight Cam, $ 249 and available now, offers both.

The camera mounts where your old projector would have been – if you have a standard outdoor electrical box, it will connect directly to your current configuration and will work even with my old "pancake" type electrical box – and connect to your network via Wi-Fi. It works perfectly right out of the box and all you need to remember is not to turn off the switch (thankfully, they include a sticker for your switch). Once it's installed, you can have the cam reacted to motion and turn it on when it detects an intruder nearby or just stay up all night, watching over your car or your fruit trees . It also includes a night vision mode that keeps an eye on things even in the dark.

The system sends notifications when it detects a motion and a surveillance plan of $ 30 per year keeps the video for 60 days. The video, as you can see below, is good enough to distinguish movements and possibly identify people, but it does not offer enough resolution to read a license plate a few meters away. .

Finally, like other Ring devices, you can talk to people who approach the light through the application and even trigger a siren that, well that strong, will probably be swallowed up in the sound of the sea of ​​the city. It is however nice to know that it is there.

Having used a number of these cameras, including the Netatmo presence, I am satisfied with the durability of the Ring Cam. Although it does not have the Netatmo science-fiction style the projector looks like what it claims to be: a great light for dark places. In addition, since there is no internal SD card, the Ring is completely waterproof, a problem that occurred when I was running the Presence.

Ring did everything right. Unlike other camera solutions that are standalone or need to be installed in a new build, the Floodlight camera is backward compatible and very well designed. The entire system is installed quickly and works perfectly (up to now), although time will tell if it can survive the Brooklyn rains.

If you are in the market for a projector and a high design is not a concern that's the way forward.

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