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The Russian Duma orders the search for Blockchain as a Bitcoin linked to the laundering of income

The increasingly formal approach of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency of Russia continues while the country activates its anti-VPN law on Tuesday

reported this week that the state Duma had opted to order "expert analytical research and opinion polls" regarding Blockchain for 2018.

The tools will be part of a desire of the government to seek "standard legal regulation of the adoption of Blockchain technology" Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared to want to end the contradictory position of the government on the regulation of cryptocurrency, "said the Financial Markets Committee and First Vice President Aleksandr Zhukov

last month, calling for tightened and formalized controls over r The markets.

The battle to influence consumption Meanwhile, central banks warn against the purchase of Bitcoin and the former finance minister Alexei Kudrin in disagreement with current MP Alexei Moisev to find out if there is a "pyramid scheme".

The prosecutor this week also linked the increased interest in cryptocurrency to "laundering" income "earned through illegal channels."

Nov. Meanwhile, the adoption of a controversial new law against VPN hacking allows Russians to access sites blocked by the government.

The VPN provider will itself be blocked by the regulator Roskomnadzor. but the law only applies to the private use of these networks.