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The sale to Walmart should not be difficult, 3 tips from the retailer's annual open call event

More than 450 small businesses recently met with buyers at Walmart's fifth annual event. More than 100 entrepreneurs showcasing their US-made products for sale with the retail giant were rewarded by moving to the next stage of the process. Some exceptional locations have allowed companies to enter into an on-site market.

Small Business Trends spoke with Tiffany Wilson, director of communications at Walmart, to find out who were some of them and what they did to succeed.

"It's a really exciting opportunity for American entrepreneurs to come to Walmart's headquarters and potentially put their products in the hands of millions of customers," she said. declared. It is the fifth year of the event that lasts a day.

Tips for becoming a Walmart salesman

Have a good pitch

Getting an agreement is the Holy Grail for these small businesses and that's exactly what Cotton Babies of Fenton, MO did. The company will sell its cloth diaper pails in 100 stores in the spring.

Wilson says that they had a spot market partly because they had taken the time to prepare a good pitch.

"It's only about 30 minutes," she said. "Every company had to talk about its product and its reason for being, and why Walmart's customers were able to attract the attention of the buyer."

A lift lot works in these narrow neighborhoods. These highlight the key points and the value of the list and the benefits of the product without the down.

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Have a passionate and engaging approach

The Honey Pot Company LLC, of ​​Atlanta, GA has also secured an on-site agreement. These manufacturers of a toxin and chemical free feminine hygiene product found themselves in 1,000 Walmart stores.

Wilson says that one of the great attractions of these big winners was their enthusiasm.

"What they all had in common was that we saw brands, products, and people with whom we thought potential customers wanted to behave. ;to hire."

Develop a story that tells the story of your brand helps. Remember here that talking too fast can smother your points. This kind of personal approach works best with a clear conversational tone.

Follow the trends

Giving people what they want is not new in the business world. Small businesses can either modify an existing product or develop a new one, taking into account the latest consumer trends.

It is not surprising that Walmart uses it as one of the key criteria for evaluating who sells in its stores. Wilson explains.

"There has been a big push this year for new and natural products," Wilson said. "We saw a number of products like those mentioned where we thought:" People would feel good about buying this brand. ""

Finally, not everyone will be able to get their products and services in the local Walmart store. However, take a little advice from someone who knows what works could be the best thing to do.

"Walmart stores offer a lot of products," says Wilson. "They have to be special, they have to be different and people have to feel good about themselves – that's what separates the best brand and the products from the rest."

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