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The SBI Group, the Japanese banking giant, delays the launch of cryptographic exchange to enhance security

The SBI group announced Tuesday in a statement on its website the February 27 that he was to postpone the launch of In the public announcement, SBI apologized for the delay and explained that the company had to postpone the launch of the exchange for the purpose of improving security

"We decided that it will take a little more time to further strengthen security measures, asset management and systems customer management to ensure the protection of cryptocurrency exchange users " SBI wrote in the announcement

plans to launch the exchange of cryptocurrency SBI Virtual Currencies in October 2016. In December 2017, Cointelegraph reported that SBI has an nounced its partnership with the trading platform Bitcoin Huobi at the beginning of the exchange in early 2018.

SBI's decision to strengthen the security system of the stock market is probably motivated by massive piracy of $ 534 million from one of the largest Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchanges on January 26th. The Largest Flight in World History " forced the Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) to take a closer look at cryptocurrency exchanges, paying particular attention to security measures for computer systems and the management of client assets.