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The SEO "do more with less" cookbook

"Do more with less." How many times in our career have we heard this phrase? In the end, this statement always means that we must reduce the budget while maintaining growth (or, at the very least, stability of performance from one year to the next).

The good news is that in SEO we are the kings and queens of "doing more with less". SEO professionals are constantly competing with much larger teams – unless, of course, you are working on the Amazon online gorilla in a top affiliated organization.

Over the past 20 years, I've worked in SEO, in purplay, omnichannel, startups and the Fortune 500, and the cookbook to do more with less contains the same recipe. Of course, the recipe may have to be modified in terms of ingredients to increase portions, but the ingredients never change. What you should find in your recipe book for your "more with less" recipe is:

  • Pursue position gains for head terms.
  • Maximize the CTR (clickthrough rate).
  • Expand the inventory of long tail keywords.
  • Maximize the value of existing traffic.
  • Boosting external content marketing efforts.
  • Align SEO efforts more closely with campaign calendars.

Me, I like to add a little kick to my recipe: I recoil and I think of a big picture. How can I adjust my quantities of ingredients to maximize the effort to include value for all channels ?

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