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The Skagen Falster is a high-fashion Android mobile

A Danish euphemism meets Mountain View technology

Skagen is a well-known manufacturer of fine and unique Danish watches. Founded in 1989, the company is now part of the Fossil group and, as such, has begun to interest both the analog with the Hagen and now Android Wear with the Falster. The Falster is unique in the sense that it puts all the power of a classic Android Wear device into a watch that mimics the chrome aesthetic of Skagen's austere design while still offering just enough features to make you a fashionable smartwatch carrier.

The Falster, which costs $ 275 and is available now, has a fully digital digital OLED face, which means you can read the time anytime. When the watch wakes up, you can see a shiny white timed color scheme on black, and then tap the crown to jump into the various features including Android Fit and the Always Smart Translate function that lets you record a sentence and then show the person in front of you.

You can buy it with a leather or metal strap and the steel mesh model costs $ 20 more.

Unfortunately, to smother the electronics in such a small package, Skagen has removed GPS, LTE connectivity and even a heart rate monitor. In other words, if you were waiting for a workout companion, then the Falster is not the Android you are looking for. However, if you are looking for a trendy smartwatch, Skagen ticks all the boxes.

What you get from the Flasterou, however, is a cheap and high quality Android Wear watch with most accessories. I've been wearing this watch for a few weeks now, and although the heart rate monitor for training sessions I definitely miss, the fact that this watch looks like a normal watch and makes it work 99% of the time makes it very interesting. If obvious brand recognition is only your goal, the Apple Watch or any other Samsung Gear line is no longer your style. This watch, manufactured by a company famous for its Danish euphemism, offers the opposite of this one.

Skagen offers some very basic dials with the Skagen brand in different parts of the dial. I particularly like the list that includes the world time or the temperature in various places of the world, thus offering you an overview of the time zones. Like most Android Wear systems, you can change the display by long-pressing the face.

This lasts about a day on a single charge, although busy days may drain the battery sooner as the notifications flood the screen. The notification system – essentially a small icon that appears on the watch face – sometimes fails and instead shows a disconcerting gray square. This is the only trouble that I noticed, in terms of the user interface, when it was Falster. It works with Android and iOS smartphones.

What this watch boils down to is an improved system for tracking fitness and notification. If you wear, for example, a Fitbit, something like the Skagen Falster offers a superior experience in a very classy package. Because the watch is quite compact (at 42mm I will not say that it's small but that it would work on a finer wrist) it removes a lot of most other smartwatches and, more importantly, does not look like not to a smartwatch. Those who do not want to have the look of carrying robotic egg bags on our wrists will appreciate this aspect of Skagen's effort even without all the trimmings we expect from a smartwatch modern.

Skagen, like so many other watch manufacturers, decided that if it was not the digital revolution, she would join him. The result is the Falster and, to a lesser extent, their analog collections. Whether or not the traditional watchmakers survive in the 21st century is still in the air but, as evidenced by this beautiful and well made watch, they give it at least the old Danish test.

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