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The status of Google's presence in Google Shopping Auction

As my company (Merkle) reported a few weeks ago, Amazon left Google Shopping in the United States for all advertisers who had always considered it a competitor these last quarters.

Although the reasoning behind this decision remains somewhat mysterious, the brands that compete with the e-commerce giant are certainly not sad because of the recent development.

Purchasing Shares

An update that may have played a role in Amazon's decision was the announcement of Google Shopping late March, which places ads for products purchased through Google Express next to traditional advertisements in the carousel. Shopping actions also allow you to do voice shopping through the Google Assistant.

Google then takes a commission on each product sold, similar to Amazon, and many reports on the change hailed this update as a move to compete more directly with Amazon.

With the help of Google Auction Insights reports, however, it is clear that Google Express was part of the auctions for nearly a year before the announcement of Shopping Actions. In addition, Google Play and Google Store also appear in the auctions for some advertisers.

What is the status of Google's presence in Shopping Auctions now, and how has this changed in recent quarters?

Google accelerated express ads in Q4 2017

Taking a look at a sample of about four dozen retailers specializing in product categories ranging from household products to electronic products, over 80% have seen Google Express appear as a competitor in Auction Insights during the last year. some changes.

For many of these advertisers, the presence of Google Express in Auction Insights is irregular and often falls below 10% of the impression rate (IS) or report for a given week. One way to track the trend of Google Express is to rate the percentage of the sample set having seen Google Express in Auction Insights for a given week.

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Thus, we found that Google Express became much more present in the auction of preview products during the holiday season in 2017 and continued to appear regularly in reports for more advertisers than this this was the case before the Q4 2017. Google Express was not present in Shopping Auction Insights before the …

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