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The take-off of Blockchain while flying cars become reality

You remember the pictures of a technical future, geek, out of the ordinary, in a science film -fiction as "The Fifth Element": Strange clothes and, of course, cars flying on invisible highways piling up to the endless sky

And I'm sure you would say, "It's too far to think about it now."

It took decades for people to invent prototypes of self-guarded Nikes from "Back to the Future II" "After all, stealing cars is a much more complicated thing than laces. Strange as it may seem, the future is coming very fast, full of flying cars and smart things that exist and operate in an interconnected intelligent environment that is the concept of the Internet of Things.

Since mass culture seems We have always exploited the vision of the future as a place of public transport, it is not a surprise if a great idea enveloped in a number of revolutionary technologies charmed our minds.

Blockchain as "fifth element"

The phrase "blockchain-based flying car" drew public attention

Uber works with the NASA and several aerospace companies to launch the project of "flying car". Volvo's parent company is designing futuristic vehicles that could fly into the sky two years from now.

The Bartini project, resident of the innovation pole and winner of Uber Elevate, implements Blockchain for a vertical takeoff air vehicle concept. China plans to start selling flying cars by 2019.

The Blockchain platform allows for fast and trouble-free operation of the entire ecosystem: vehicles, charging stations, car parks , customers.

become one of the elements of our future IoT, where things, objects (big and small) communicate with each other without being connected to a "central" computer – in one meaning, it is also a decentralized system. And Blockchain is a ready-made registry for transactions that may occur between these objects – such as between a smart lock equipped with sensors in the public lockers room and your bracelet where a small smart contract is sealed.

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The use case mentioned describes how Blockchain would release this simple real-life activity from the dependency of centralized databases containing your customer input, support stuff and many others. remnants of the pre-Blockchain era

urban taxi services – because traffic jams are the only thing that Uber and all the services that have proliferated because of the emergence of the sharing economy have not solved or, apparently, will never do it

Blockchain takes off

There is a solid foundation for takeoff and infantry infrastructure. 39, vertical landing necessary for the implementation of the concept.

For example, the roofs of all major metropolises are equipped with largely unused ion heliports.

Major cities such as Tokyo, Seoul and Los Angeles each have more than 70 landing areas. With respect to legislation, Dubai, Singapore and other modern governments ready to accommodate small commercial aircraft will give a notable example to aviation regulators who will inevitably have to adapt to market pressure. .

In addition, the market for urban air transport It is estimated at $ 1.2 billion, which should be sufficient to rapidly advance the technology of air transport

The blockchain as platform allows to hail the air taxi and pay the token in chips or charge it in chips

Whenever a transaction takes place, a smart contract is signed, storing the information on service delivery, payments and vehicle billing.

This is a perfect example of how future transportation can take the best of available technologies, even though it may seem too "magical" to belong to the real world.

Everything is happening now: both the development of the aeria l taxi, and, for example, the use of Blockchain for notarial affirmations and real estate transactions, supported by governments and commercial organizations.

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A few years ago we were talking about supernatural virtual reality – and can you believe we might have doubts now when it's already a thing? We all continue to support our belief in Blockchain as in the technology that has emerged to transform the world.