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The telephone data of & quot; Almost all Malaysians & # 39; are on sale for 1 bitcoin

A major security hack saw the phone records of "almost all Malaysians" on sale for a Bitcoin.

In what Reuters describes as "one of the largest data breaches in Asia," hackers had access to 46 million customer identity data. "The stolen data could have an impact on almost all Malaysians," said the chief technology officer for the Asia-Pacific region at the FireEye cybersecurity company.

The news follows massive violations by both Equifax and Deloitte, the former having gained notoriety because of the lax security measures researchers discovered in the course of investigations Subsequent

known since last month, the Government of Malaysia is identifying several probable sources as part of a comprehensive investigation.

"We identified several potential sources of the leak and we should be able to complete it," said the country's Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Salleh Said Keruak,

. Alaysian mobile customers could now figure in the fraudulent identity generation.

The mine of data was on sale for a relatively small amount – a single BTC, about $ 7,200 at the time of publication on Friday.