The Top 5 Social Media Tools for Solopreneur

Today, small brands and startups can not hope to compete in the digital space without the help of cloud – based tools. This allows them not only to save time in performing boring but tedious tasks, but also to make substantial progress without resorting to an in-house team.

Finding the best tool online – among the hundreds that are on the market – is also a struggle that solopreneurs should often face.

This is the case since they finance their own businesses from their own pockets; which means that they should be very meticulous about the platform on which to invest because their resources are limited.

When it comes to managing the social media aspect of a business, a solopreneur has a number of requirements to fulfill: social listening, content research, the influence of influencers, automation, and commitment.

In this context, let's examine the five main social media tools that solopreneurs can use to grow their business.

1. Listening to social media: SentiOne

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Most solopreneurs invest a lot of effort in the growth of the brand. And for that reason, they need a reliable tool to listen to social media in their marketing arsenal.

Such a platform can help them stay in touch with the feelings, content preferences, and opinions of their target audience. When they have access to these details, they will be able to set up their marketing campaigns effectively.

SentiOne is one of the most robust social media listening tools on the market. Its home technology siphon web content in different languages ​​- from English to Ukrainian.

To use SentiOne, you need to create a project based on your tracking goals. If you want to cut hunting, there are also three presets you can choose:

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You can also create a project from scratch using the Advanced Project Configurator – giving you complete control over all the rules and features of keywords.

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The real-time data acquisition is perhaps the biggest selling point of SentiOne.

After creating your project, the platform will immediately provide you with up-to-date news on networks such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

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You can also refine the results using the filters found in the left pane. This includes the feeling, gender, domain and type of audience publication.

2. Content search: BuzzSumo

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To create an authoritative brand, you need to share content that is constantly engaging your audience.

A content search tool can help you quickly search for popular content ideas that you can design or use as a source of inspiration.

Of all the content search tools on the market, BuzzSumo is certainly one of the most popular. It offers a simple interface that searches for popular content with the help of keywords.

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BuzzSumo also offers a handful of filters that can help you scratch the web for specific content. They are also placed on the left side of the platform – updating the results as soon as you click the "Apply filters" button.

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In a way, BuzzSumo can also be used to listen to social media. However, its scope of data for branding is low compared to SentiOne, which also identifies user sentiment, gender, and more.

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Connect with popular influencers is a great way to increase brand exposure quickly. A social media awareness tool can help you find and initiate conversations with these influencers.

Twitter being one of the most used platforms for communicating and sharing opinions, solopreneurs should consider Followerwonk as their main platform for awareness. It allows you to easily search and compare user biographies with the help of keywords.

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To engage influencers, start by clicking the "Follow" button to see and react to their updates. This will allow you to grab their attention and, in turn, get the opportunity to be mentioned – thus exposing your brand to their followers base.

You can prioritize influencers by sorting them by their age, number of tweets, number of followers, and social authority.

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Followerwonk also offers the "Compare Users" tool, which can provide you with a side-by-side comparison of the leading influencers in your niche. You can also use your own Twitter account to see how your brand compares to competitors.

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4. Social Media Automation: Buffer

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Sharing content on social media can become very repetitive and time consuming. Fortunately, you can automate this in minutes by using the right platform.

Buffer has become the name synonymous with social media automation. It provides you with a "queue" of content that automatically fills a viewing calendar – always ensuring that you have a relevant content feed for your social media subscribers.

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To add more slots in your publishing calendar, go to "Posting Schedule" under the "Settings" tab. Set a time using the drop-down fields, then click the "Add a time of publication" button.

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Once your release schedule is set, you can start adding new content under the content tab. You can also integrate third-party applications to make the entire process stand-alone.

With IFTTT you can automatically fill your queue by extracting content from RSS feeds, blogs, and other publications. You just need to use an applet that links it with a content curation tool – like Feedly for example .

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Finally, solopreneurs need to sprinkle their social media strategy with aggressive tactics that stimulate engagement. This includes holding social media contests, sending newsletters, and so on.

ShortStack's free plan, which includes social contests and an automated messaging feature, should be more than enough to launch social media engagement for your brand. When recording, you can select one of the preconfigured templates.

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After selecting a template, everything else is fully customizable via the drag-and-drop interface. This may take some time to get used to, but if in doubt, you can always refer to the wealth of learning resources available in the help section.

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Remember that everything you need for your campaign – whether it's email marketing or social media integration – is accessible from the bar of 39 "Add widgets" tools.

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Each widget comes with its own customization and configuration settings. Selecting the Mailchimp widget, for example, will bring up the following window:

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True, the learning curve of ShortStack can not be ignored – but there are still loads of learning resources to make it smoother.

What's next?

The tools above can help you take your business to new heights.

As a solopreneur, you must remember that the success of your business can easily depend on the set of marketing tools you use.

With the right set of tools, you can get an unfair advantage over your competitors. If not, you will spend a lot of time doing minor tasks while accomplishing very little.

What social media marketing tools you can not live without? Please share your ideas in the comments section below. Cheers!

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