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The touch screen of the Google Home device is detected in the official application code

There is now more evidence that Google is testing a touch screen home device. AndroidPolice points to sections of code from the latest Google app referring to a device with a new on-screen interface. The APK disassembly of the 7.14.15 beta has revealed a long list of on-screen menus and functions that are used by a device with the Quartz code name. These capabilities include YouTube playback – a feature that the Amazon Echo Show has recently lost.

In September, we reported that Google was working on a Google Home device with a touch screen interface. Two sources have confirmed that the device is codenamed "Manhattan" and that it will have a screen size similar to that of the 7-inch Echo Show. A source has received information directly from a Google employee. Both sources indicate that the device will offer YouTube, the Google Assistant, Google Photos and video calls. It will also act as a smart hub capable of controlling Nest and other smart home devices.

This report from AndroidPolice apparently confirms many of these details. The code review revealed several on-screen features, interactive timers, weather forecasts with 32 different icons, playback of YouTube videos and a basic web browser, as well as photo galleries and videos. Google maps with business cards.

At this point, Google has not yet confirmed the existence of the device but it makes sense that Google is at least playing with the idea and testing in internal such a device. Companies have long since attempted to create a central information center with the Amazon Echo Show being the latest device of its kind. Google is clearly following in the footsteps of the Amazon Echo line, the next obvious move being an Echo Show clone.

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