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The Twitter Pilot Will Extend Promoted Tweets to Integrated Publisher Timelines

Twitter began recruiting publishers to participate in a pilot program of ads aimed at serving ads in Twitter timelines embedded on their sites.

According to the page "Twitter Timeline Announcement Pilot Project" on Twitter's corporate website, Timeline's ad network will soon be available for a select group of publishers to Twitter. United States.

On the Twitter business site:

You already enjoy the power of real-time Tweets on your webpage with built-in timelines. Now, let it generate revenue for your site. The Timeline Twitter Network is the first advertising program that allows publishers to deliver real-time content to their audiences and generate additional revenue through targeted advertising.

Publishers are invited to provide a name, an e-mail address and the website address to be considered for the pilot program.

Twitter's MoPub network for mobile sites and apps allows advertisers to extend their reach through Twitter Audience Platform (TAP), but still fall short of competing options such as the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Ad Exchange or Facebook Audience Network.
By releasing its report on the first quarter results early this year, Twitter said it was intending to "tap into new demand channels". More than half of its advertising revenue comes from video, Twitter added. At the time, the company's executives said its advertising revenue priorities would be focused on improving its main ad offerings.

Depending on the evolution of the driver, the new Timeline ad network can very well help Twitter attract advertisers wishing to have better access to sponsored tweets, while offering publishers the ability to generate advertising revenue.

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