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The US secret service agent gets two more years for the theft of bitcoin from the Silk Road

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A former US secret service agent who was sentenced to 71 months in prison in 2015 for having stolen thousands of dollars of bitcoin during a market investigation of Darknet Silk Road, was sentenced to two more years in prison for another cryptocurrency theft.

Shaun Bridges, 35, was sentenced by US District Court Judge Richard Seeborg in San Francisco yesterday, according to a sentencing memorandum before Tuesday's hearing. In August, Bridges pleaded guilty of stealing 1,600,6488 additional bitcoins during a separate investigation. A report suggests that at the time of his arrest, the coins were worth about $ 470,000. Today, this figure rises to $ 11.9 million.

In 2015, Bridges was sentenced to six years in prison after pleading guilty to money laundering and obstructing justice during his investigation into the case of the Route de la Silk. When he was arrested, he admitted to stealing more than $ 800,000 in bitcoins while he was part of a Baltimore task force tasked with investigating the web market dark.

According to court documents, the former agent transferred his bitcoins to BTC-e, the exchange that was closed earlier in August. Bridges then proceeded to move his funds to other portfolios that he used.

At the time, it was suggested that if Bridges was convicted, he could see another 10 years in jail, as well as a fine of $ 250,000. This latest news, however, shows that he does face an additional two years in jail. Judge Seeborg ordered that Bridges serve this new sentence consecutively with his current prison time. The sentencing memorandum suggests that this is due to Bridges' cooperation in the event that he received a lesser sentence.

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Carl Force IV, a Drug Enforcement Administration officer, was sentenced to 78 months in October 2015 for money laundering, extortion and obstruction of justice. The rogue agent pleaded guilty to stealing $ 370,000 from a CoinMKT customer, a bitcoin company for which he was working illegally, illegally.

The creator and operator of Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2015 after being convicted of seven counts, including the conspiracy to traffic in narcotics, the pursuit of A criminal enterprise, the computer conspiracy and money laundering.

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