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The Wave is a ring that controls the sound as if by magic

In the desolate deserts of deep Iceland, magical flowers. The Icelandic sagas tell magical fairy houses that control the world and now one of them, the Wave, has landed on the Internet.

The Wave is a ring that controls the sound. It's basically a portable MIDI controller that lets you play and edit the sounds as it's done, allowing you to play music in the air. It's a clever little solution and it will be delivered next December.

The system works by defining a specific sound or function for a specific gesture. You can move up and down the audio sample by waving your hand or trigger a sample by pressing your finger. It can work with keyboards and guitars and can even change music as you do it, allowing you to perform in multiple ways.

The wave costs $ 129 for early risers and will sell for $ 200. They have already raised $ 43,000 and the prototype is working. The Wave works with several music apps, including Logic.

So, whether you are writing the score of a vibrant Icelandic elven love story or that you wanted to lull the great sea dragon Hvítserkur through a song, the Icelandic wave is the tool that suits you.