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There is something called Bacoin now

To paraphrase a saying popularized by innumerable dormitory dormitories: "First, they ignore you, then they make fun of you, then they fight you, then you use the hype around the crypto savings. Decentralized sells bacon. "The latest example of this age The adage of Oscar Meyer comes to mind and involves their new and exciting currency, Bacoin.

Money can be exchanged for bacon and you "mine" it by sharing the good news of bacoin with your friends. Instead of absorbing massive amounts of electricity, the production of the last store of value – the pig parts – only requires a massive farming system dedicated to the massive destruction of mammals as smart as dogs and, in the right context, rather cute. The final product, bacon, is considered by many to be a lot more interesting than anything Vitalik has created. In short, it's win-win.

How does it work? It's essentially a sweepstakes. Rules and Regulations:

The value of the Bacoin is linked to the global share, which means that the more people who share via the website (as indicated above), the higher the Bacoin value. If the global share is slow, the value of Bacoin will decrease. If the share is slow and the value of Bacoin is low, the Sponsor may increase the value of Bacoin at its sole discretion. The current value of Bacoin will be posted on the website. Once the Bacoin is at the value you want, follow the instructions for "cash" and you will receive a coupon with the corresponding value (all possible values ​​of the Bacoin coupon are described in section 4 below)

The current value of a single bacoin mined is about 28 slices of bacon and the more you share, the more you extract. Since it is not in any case a decentralized cryptocurrency and has nothing to do with anything technical, I have trouble in find a reason to publish here except to admire the chutzpah of a company that knows exactly what breed of Reddit- like bacon eater will jump to an opportunity to tweet about pork products. To paraphrase another saying from my friend Nicholas Deleon: I hope that the asteroid that they promised comes soon for us.

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Bacoin. Yes.