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These are the top 10 states for online businesses in the United States

Having an online business means you can reach almost every market in the world, but some places are better than others to handle this business. The new Frontier Business survey, titled "10 Most Friendly States for Online Business," examines what makes these places so great.

In addition to the obvious technological infrastructure, Frontier Business also measured the other factors that business owners are looking for in a place. The measures were then combined to come up with the list for 2018, which saw newcomers while others dropped out of the top 10 2017.

Whether a small business is established as an online company or that it has a strong e-commerce platform to support its brick-and-mortar operations, a site must to offer more to businesses today. Without the tools described in the report, a business will be greatly limited.

Frontier Business analysts looked at technology, which began with an average megabit per second (Mbps) speed and public broadband internet access as well as a technical support for services. Other criteria were demographics and population, labor force and education, economic climate and cost of living.

According to the data, here are the 10 most user-friendly states for online business from 2018

Top 10 states for online businesses

Washington came first, moving up to first place after second place last year. The research indicates that the state has an impressive scale of broadband Internet service with higher than average household income and no personal or business tax. It is also home to tech giants, such as Amazon and Microsoft.

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Washington's neighbor, Oregon, climbed from two places to number four to rank number two in 2018. The state also has good infrastructure in addition to a well-known stage of outdoors and art and music.

Utah remained at number three and last year 's number one state, Virginia, fell to number four, with Colorado top of the top five on the list as a newcomer.

The other five states are California, Delaware, Minnesota, Maryland and Massachusetts in chronological order. The other newcomer is Massachusetts. Meanwhile, the top ten DC and Arizona locations were removed from the list last year.

Opportunities for Online Commerce

An online business offers unlimited possibilities and incredible scalability. No matter how you start, you can continue to grow. Technology allows you to start a business with a low cost while providing access to a global market to offer incredible margins.

If you are in the United States, the Frontier Business Report gives you information on the best states to grow your online business.

You can watch the infographic below for the most sympathetic states by region.

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<img class="aligncenter wp-image-493766 size-full" src="" alt=" Here are the top 10 states for online businesses in the US "width =" 850 "height =" 560 "/>

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