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Things You Need To Know About Coooins Platform

Trading on the crypto currency market comes with its own complexities, which if not properly mastered and understood by investors, can result in a great loss while trading. Each inputed value counts and similarly, an investment in the wrong project will surely result in a loss of income for the investor.

Over the years, the desire of most, if not all investors is the ability to make profits with minimum amount of risk involved; Coooins platform is the much awaited solution.

With Coooins platform, users can get as much information as they can on any cryptocurrency coin or token. Users will also have the opportunity to get adequate information concerning any ICO project, the team behind such projects as well as many other useful information that will make them to aggregrate their options and calculate their chances before delving into any ICO which may later turn into scam or otherwise.

Coooins is a cryptocurrency data aggregation platform and portfolio tracker. On Coooins, users can have the opportunity to research various cryptocurrencies, ICO’s, subreddits, exchanges, Product Hunts, tweets, YouTube videos and lots more!  Coooins is a platform that is aggregating cryptocurrency related data from many resources.

 Undoubtedly, the site is still relatively new but then it has so many great features already. It started as a side project and now, the developers have started to dedicate more time to it. A lot of the current features and data still need to be heavily improved and as such, the developers are dedicating more time into this before adding any more new and unique features.

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Coooins website is currently connecting to 9 different API’s and as time goes on, it will be connecting to more in the future. Using this platform, users can currently research 1,500 coins, 2,000+ ICO’s, 80+ Exchanges, 90 popular subreddits, cryptocurrency producthunts, 100 influencers, related tweets, related videos, and much more.

Coooins gets most of its data from well-established platforms through their API’s thereby making it easier for traders and investors to check multiple resources when conducting research.

Here are some of the current features of the Coooins:

  • Coin prices, market caps etc
  • Coin Mentions (Twitter & YouTube)
  • ICO reviews, team members, etc
  • Subreddit Data
  • Product Hunt Data
  • Exchange Reviews & Data
  • Influencers and social media data
  • Portfolio Tracking and visual graphs etc (no signup or email required, just bookmark unique url)


Coooins is currently giving away 100 dogecoin for each approved review on an exchange.



Investing in crypto currency doesn’t have to be risky, confusing and time consuming. Undoubtedly, information is power and with the right channel, first hand information can be made available to the crypto currency community. With the API feature which is readily part of the features of most of these established platforms, Coooins is providing firsthand information that will be useful to traders and the whole crypto currency community.

What more? Users of the Coooins platform will also have access to free video information about the latest news concerning each coin on the platform.

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Coooins is dedicated empowering users with the expected relevant information on any coin or project in one place. Try out the platform and you will be glad you did.

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