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This is the ultimate configuration of the Super Bowl Smart Home

Do you like watching football? What about the biggest game of the year – what happens on February 4th (aka this Sunday)? If so, you're in luck: I can tell you how to get the most out of the experience via connected smart home technology, gadgets and audio visual equipment. Set the "indulge" mode to MAX.

The TV

There are plenty of TV options out there for your viewing pleasure, but whoever takes the cake in my opinion is the Sony Bravia A1E 65 inch 4K OLED HDR Smart TV. Why? Because it is the most intelligent television, in terms of the use of technology, and that goes far beyond its operating system based on Android TV (although it's nice too ).

Part of the intelligence comes from Sony's X1 chip, which is an image processor dedicated to television that is responsible for its unbeatable scalability prowess. I immediately noticed that the source resolution of the content I was playing on the Sony TV was not very good, the picture was far, better than anywhere else. Sony says that's because it uses the chip to reconstruct the pixel-by-pixel image, and using a reference library of thousands of 4K images taken from the vast library of movies and Sony TV studios to rebuild intelligently, instead of just to make an estimate based on the surrounding pixels, as do other TV manufacturers.

The X1 also helps with the unique built-in speaker Sony uses on this TV, which literally turns the entire TV surface into an audio output device. It allows you to follow faces on the screen, so that when people talk, including those of your favorite commentators, their voices seem to come out of their mouths. It's so good, you can opt for this instead of your surround system, but more on that below.

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In the end, this is not the least expensive TV (even among OLED models) but its picture quality is unmatched thanks to Sony's technology, especially if you use a signal in streaming. year to watch the match).

The remote control

A good setup requires a good remote control, and the Logitech Harmony Companion coupled with the Harmony Hub is exactly what you need for intelligent home control, including AV equipment like the TV above, as well as various smart devices below.

Logitech's entire Harmony range is good for that, but the overall Harmony Companion + Hub has the advantage of being complete and capable, while not reaching the bank. The Hub is the key to ensuring that all your smart devices can be controlled (including via Google Assistant via Android running on the Sony TV or via Alexa), and the Companion remote is a simple affair without the power of An integrated display, but with a lot of flexibility thanks to the possibility of assigning different activities to the long and short pressures of the different activity buttons.

It comes with not only the Hub, but also two IR Extenders in the box, which facilitates setup setup for both open and closed cab AV battery installations. The configuration of the software and the application is also very easy, and can be performed entirely on your smartphone – which also becomes another controller using the application.

The lights

Philips Hue is still the smart light brand to beat, in my opinion, and they work very well with Google Assistant, as well as Alexa and the Harmony remote. You can easily light up the room with a voice command when you pause for wings or nachos, then darken the room again when the half time is over and the main show is again the subject of the Everyone's attention.

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Using stuff like IFTTT, or even programming smart camera scenes with the Google Assistant, you can trigger different lighting for different events, like color-coded landings, for example.

The speakers

As mentioned above, the Sony Bravia OLED TV has built-in speakers in its screen area that sounds amazing, and works great with things like sports and comments, but if you want add a little more magic connected to the mix, some good options in this category.

Sonos speakers are a great addition to a home theater, especially if you're already invested in the system. You can create a home theater setup using their Playbase and Playbar, and add a subwoofer for the bass, too. However, if you're already very interested in the Google Assistant and the Chromecast (built-in TV), you can also support the Riva Festival and Arena speakers, which are built into the Chromecast.

The advantage of this is that you can put them in groups and have the gameday audio broadcast around the house: This way, even in the kitchen or bathroom, you will still be able to to hear all the action as it goes down. And again, you can control all that by using voice commands with your remote or your smartphone.

The post-game game

Once the game is over, or if Justin Timberlake is not interested in playing at half-time, the best way to occupy that time is to virtually live his own Super Bowl at home, by igniting Madden 18 on the big screen. The Xbox One X version is fully configured for 4K HDR displays, so it's the perfect combination if you're using the TV above or another with these resolution and quality capabilities.

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