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This viral presentation that a student made for his "crush" is only a joke. Here is a testimonial:

An article by BuzzFeed entitled "This girl sent him a master stroke on why he should meet her and answer her" detailed University of Minnesota slide show named Lizzy Fenton posted on Twitter. BuzzFeed reported that she was directed against "his crush, Carter," identified as Carter Blochwitz, to convince him to go out with her.

Microsoft even tweeted his encouragement.

BuzzFeed went into great detail about the charming parts of the presentation, which became viral on Twitter – as well as Carter's apparent response.

Many other media covered Fenton's apparent efforts to gain the object of his affection, including HuffPost, People and the Daily Mail . 50 Cent even felt the need to comment on it on Facebook.

But a look at the social network accounts of Fenton and Blochwitz strongly suggests that the presentation is only a joke and that the two know each other very well.

Let's start with the fact that Blochwitz and Fenton are friends on Facebook. He posted a picture of the two together in January.

Two months ago, she appeared in a video that he published on Vimeo.

They come back further.

Fenton tweeted this picture of Blochwitz last October.

And Blochwitz posted these photos of her on Instagram in September and last October.

Emerald dress

A post shared by Carter Blochwitz (@carterblochwitz) on

Rainy day

A post shared by Carter Blochwitz (@carterblochwitz) on [2999018] October 29, 2016 at 2:07 pm PDT

Chicago on the film

A post shared by Carter Blochwitz (@carterblochwitz) on [24 septembre 2016] at 09:56 PDT

In fact, this photo of Fenton is the first Blochwitz photo ever published on this Instagram account.


A post shared by Carter Blochwitz (@carterblochwitz) on [14 septembre 90] September 14, 2016 at 3:42 pm PDT

So, yes, the presentation is funny, but that's about it all. Sorry, internet, but it does not seem that there is a crush to win or a guy who detonates a girl in love.

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By the way, we were not the only ones to quickly realize that the effort to reach a crush was just a stupid hoax. Blochwitz even seemed to confirm the joke on Twitter.

People asked Fenton if they were together or what, and Fenton replied shyly, "Carter and I are about to swim in. He was amused by the PowerPoint, as he should have done. If we go out together – a lady never says, I will not divulge any details, but rather leave that to the imagination. "