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This week in small business – Amazon says it's you, not us


The week was busy for small businesses. In the first edition of This Week in Small Business, I met the e-commerce expert John Lawson (@ColderICE) to discuss some of the stories that interested us the most.

In Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead's article on the most important Instagram stats for small business owners, John and I noted the best time to post videos that have an interaction.

We also found the fact that Instagram is much more engaging than Facebook very interesting. Finally, we talked about the audience that uses Instagram today.

John and I continued our discussion on the advice of the Young Entrepreneur Council this week on the balance between a full-time job and growing unrest.

When is the right time to give up work in favor of doing the bustle of a full time business. Check out our discussion about the article and all the tips that they shared.

Finally, we wanted to talk about the latest news from Amazon and its public research from HQ2, its second headquarters. Cities have courted Amazon for some time now and recently, the company phoned 200 of them to tell them why they would not be the choice.

This week in small business is presented by Salesforce.

Take a look at all the other titles this week from Small Business Trends:


A report reveals the best cities for Hispanic entrepreneurs in 2018

After comparing 182 US cities on 23 key indicators, WalletHub released its 2018 report on the best cities for Hispanic entrepreneurs. WalletHub created the list by looking at cities that were Hispanic friendly. But the report also examined the purchasing power of Hispanic populations in these cities.

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NYC best rate for second-year small business growth going on, says Biz2Credit

The 2012 study of the best cities for small business growth conducted by Biz2Credit revealed that New York is the best city for small business growth. Biz2Credit looked at cities across the country as well as small business data, including annual revenues, credit results, and uptime.


62% of Small Business Owners Can not Offer Increases in Medicare Premiums

The eHealth Report, Small Business Health Insurance: Costs, Trends, and Prospects 2017 (PDF) highlights the concerns of small business owners regarding the cost of health coverage. Nearly 80 percent said they worried about the cost. And 62 percent say that a 15 percent increase in premiums would make group health insurance unaffordable.

How to balance a sleight of hand with other engagements – including a full-time job

You have decided to operate an online business in addition to your other obligations, such as a full-time job and a family, and it's a lot harder than you thought. It takes time to understand what to do and how to balance it all. It is probably easier to learn experts first. We asked several experts in the YEC community how best to balance an online business with the rest of life.

An investigation reveals the main challenges facing businesses with the help of WordPress

Performance issues, security vulnerabilities, and issues resulting from updates are at the top of the list of challenges facing companies using WordPress. The statistics come from a survey conducted by Pagely, a managed WordPress hosting platform. The 2018 edition of "The Biggest WordPress Headaches" investigates very specific issues affecting the operation of the WordPress platform.

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20 Stunning Instagram Stats Small Business Owners MUST

The age-old saying "a picture tells a thousand words" clearly reveals the truth on Instagram. This incredibly simple photo and video sharing network is rapidly gaining popularity and enjoys prestige in social media. For small businesses, the use of Instagram provides profitable opportunities to reach target audiences, reach new customers and develop their brand.

Technological Trends

MakiPlace Helps Designers and Developers Sell Their Products to Small Business

MakiPlace is a marketplace for digital assets created by a growing global community of designers and developers that now has 33,121 members. Designers and developers have 1845 products in 355 stores providing graphic templates, fonts and web fonts, CMS themes, website templates, scripts and code and application templates.

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