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This week in small business, the Supreme Court upholds the Internet sales tax and Etsy increases sales charges


Welcome to another edition of This Week in Small Business.

It's at that moment that I look at the week that has appeared in the news on small business, such as it's appeared on Small Business Trends, and that offers a little more insight. .

Decision on Online Sales Tax

And this week, it's hard to ignore the Supreme Court's decision that now allows states to pass taxes on online sales.

This will likely increase the cost of items purchased and sold online. If you buy supplies online for your business, you will probably see a spike that states approve these taxes. If you are an online salesman, it could make it difficult to know who you are charging and how much you need to collect. This can be a matter of e-commerce platform that best suits the changes to ease the transition on its sellers.

In other news this week, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, Etsy, announced that it was increasing sales costs – including fees and expenses. shipping! It's a double-whammy that can get some sellers to reconsider their plans.

I also took a little time this week to discuss productivity hacks, as provided by Larry Kim. And I've also looked a little deeper at an article published this week on the potential reasons for your small business's difficulty.

These articles were just a sample of what was happening for small businesses this week. For the rest, check out this roundup of Small Business Trends.

If you missed one of the previous editions of This Week in Small Business, be sure to check them out on the Small Business Trends YouTube channel. And be sure not to miss the next week's videos in small businesses. Subscribe to the YouTube Small Business Trends channel today.


BambooHR Launches Mobile App to Speed ​​Up Your Recruitment Process

Today 's labor market is extremely tight and qualified candidates are being seized faster than ever before. The mobile application of BambooHR Hiring's new Application Tracking System (ATS) has been developed to allow you to quickly and efficiently evaluate the best candidates from your mobile device. According to Officevibe, the best candidates can be removed from the market in as little as 10 days.

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Student Loan Crisis: Are Small Businesses Affected?

The massive student debt has a crippling effect on the US economy. According to the US Federal Reserve, 44.2 million students owe $ 1.52 trillion. This amount increases by $ 29 billion per quarter. Student Loan debt now surpasses all other forms of debt except mortgages. The Order's debt exceeds what is owed for vehicle loans and credit cards.


Small businesses streamline recruitment with Google Hire

When Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) launched Hire almost a year ago, the company wanted to simplify the hiring process. And now, he has improved the platform by making the hiring of your next employee smarter and faster. The new hire has integrated Google AI to provide one-click features to hire help for tedious tasks and repetitive chores.

Congratulations to your employees on LinkedIn

Recognizing your employees for what they do has a greater impact than most owners or managers can achieve. LinkedIn is addressing this issue with a new feature called Kudos so you can show your appreciation to everyone you work with.

Marketing Tips

These states have the most loyal customers in the United States

Customer loyalty is one of the main goals of any business, achieving these goals will ensure the long-term success of your business. Square used data from the 14 million customers who registered for its Square Loyalty solution to achieve interesting results, especially those with the most loyal customers.

Small businesses know that marketing is important but continues to invest, according to a survey

Small business owners believe that finding new customers is their biggest challenge and, as a result, call for the deployment of new marketing strategies to reach potential customers as the main focus for growth of the business. # 39; company. Although it is the most important for small business growth, marketing remains the least under-invested sector among small business owners.

eRelevance publishes new services to evaluate return on investment in advertising and commercial communications

If you're a small business owner who feels overwhelmed by technology, but attracted by his promise, a new idea is just for you. eRelevance has announced a new series of technical services that are returning the old model of supply to small software companies that they can buy and launch themselves into the head.

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Retail Trade Trends

Could Mastercard Smart Mirror boost retail sales for your small business?

Eliminating the pain point of the payment process is one of the best ways to improve the customer experience for small and large retailers. The new Smart Mirror Mastercard will be the first of its kind to include a payment feature while the customer tries out different outfits using Augmented Reality (AR).

Small Business Loans

Loan approval rates for small businesses peaked, Biz2Credit reports

The Biz2Credit Small Business Loan Index for May 2018 reports record levels of loan approval by banks and institutional lenders. Biz2Credit Loan Index May 2018 The highest records reflect a strong US economy and employment growth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the unemployment rate is currently 3.8%.

Small Business Operations

Restaurant POS Lightspeed Announces iOS Integrations

Lightspeed announced the integration of Intuit QuickBooks Online and Planday so that retailers and restaurateurs can effectively manage their finances and workforce within the iOS ecosystem. Integration of Lightspeed iOS Intuit will bring its payroll solution, while Planday will provide a platform for managing the workforce.

Social Media

Expert Review: How to Use Video Ads Effectively on Social Media

According to the IAB Digital Video Center of Excellence, brands and organizations have found just how useful digital marketing was in 2017 to target and target specialized audiences. And that was especially the case with video ads.


20 Amazing Stats on Women Entrepreneurs of SCORE

SCORE just announced the results of a report on women entrepreneurs. "The Main Street Megaphone: Women's Entrepreneurship" presents a number of interesting statistics on the state of corporate ownership among women.

More than half of small business buyers are under age 50

If you are looking to sell a business, it may be the right time – and you may want to look for buyers under the age of 50. The 2018 survey on demographics of small business owners by BizBuySell reveals 53% of small business buyers are under 50 years old.

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Technological Trends

The new restaurant food index ordered arms restaurants with data to control food costs

Controlling the cost of food in a restaurant is a challenge because it is one of the most important expenses of the business. In order to manage this expense more efficiently, the Orderly Online Restaurant Management Tool has launched a Restaurant Index (RFI) with a complete directory of prices that restaurants pay for their ingredients.

Android messages introduces PC text message for small businesses

When it comes to discussing an entire ecosystem, Apple delivers. With iMessage, you can chat on the iPhone, the iPad and the Mac. Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is looking to do the same with deploying Android messages to run on your computer.

Zelle should soon be the most popular P2P payment app, but can it help your business?

According to the latest eMarketer mobile payment forecast in the US, Zelle will overtake Venmo as the most popular peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile payment application in 2018. But the new application will- Does it help your small business? As one of the newest P2P mobile payment platforms, Zelle has made impressive gains in a short time.

Zoho Shows Goals to Provide an Intuitive Presentation Tool for Small Business

When doing a dynamic presentation for a client, you need software tools to help you express your ideas simply without the need for a lot of technical expertise. The new Zoho Show has been designed to simplify this process with an intuitive interface that allows you to create your content simply instead of spending time trying to master the software.