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Tiles fired dozens after a disappointing vacation

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Tile, one of the best-known object tracking gadgets, has fired about thirty people and would have stopped potential recruitments from 10 others, TechCrunch learned. This comes less than a year after the company lifted a $ 25 million round last May. The layoffs would be due to disappointing sales during the holidays.

Once reached for comment, Tile offered the following statement:

As part of our 2018 planning process, Tile's management team determined that a recalibration of our priorities was needed so that the company could focus on the development of its Tile Platform business and hardware products. Unfortunately, that means we had to say goodbye to about 30 colleagues. Tile remains the leader in smart location, and we will continue to create a world where everyone can find everything that matters.

According to information provided to TechCrunch, the thirty or so recalibrated employees did not only come from a given sector, so it seems that the company believes to be a general measure of cost reduction. A representative from Tile pointed out that the hiring freeze has not been announced, so the 10 hires that would have been prevented from unfolding are still a bit of a question mark.

Tile reorganized its product line at the end of last summer, improving the range and adding two new "Pro" units: a sporty one for active types and a white and gold "tile style". Maybe too little, too late or maybe the tile has become too popular for its own good and everyone already has all the tiles they need.

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At CES, he announced a handful of new partners who will integrate Tech Tile into their products. This is apparently the new center of business interest – being a first platform rather than a first hardware company. There is no doubt that the devices will still be manufactured and sold, of course, but it will not be the entire Tile offer.

Hoping that it works and that these layoffs are the last ones we hear about.